10th Annual PMP/Appendix Cancer Walk & Dad's Day 5K

Sunday, June 19th, 2016 





Registration & Check in 8:30am
Dad's Day 5k Race 9:30am
PMP Cancer Walk 9:45am
Ridley Creek State Park
351 Gradyville Road (Sites 11A & 11B) - Newtown Square, PA
Walk Distance is 5K
(see Map)
Adults (18 & older) $25 - Kids (under 18) $15
T-shirts guaranteed to all registered by June 11th
Online Registration available through June 17th
Registrations accepted at event - rates go up after June 17th


We hope you will join us this June at our 10th Annual PMP Cancer Awareness Walk and our 5th Dad's Day 5K. This event is held annually to increase awareness and create funding for education and research to find a cure for Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP) Cancer, commonly referred to as Appendix Cancer.

Pseudomyxoma Peritonei, meaning a false (pseudo), benign tumor withmucinous (myxoma) of the abdoman (peritonei). The cancer which producesmucin, a jelly-like substance, usually originates in the appendix and spreads to the abdominal lining.

You can impact Appendix/PMP Research and education by:

  • Registering and walking or Running on Father’s Day
  • Supporting someone who is walking or Running
  • Becoming a captain and forming a Fundraising Team
  • Becoming a Walk Sponsor, T-Shirt Sponsor, or Mile Sponsor 
  • Sponsoring a Mile in “Honor of” or “Memory of” someone affected by PMP.

The PMP Cancer Awareness Walk is an all-volunteer effort. All proceeds will benefit PMP/Appendix Cancer research and education through the ACPMP Research Foundation 501(c)3.

With your help, we can make a difference!!!
Can't attend but want to help? No problem! Participate as a Virtual Walker. Click here to register, and create your own FriendRaising page
GOAL: $50,000.00
Raised: $40,000.00
Registrants Activity
Karen Acello$25.00
Georgia Apostolu$50.00
Michael Birdsall$125.00
Kristin Blumer$75.00
Aimee Boucher$25.00
Karen Boucher$195.00
Wilbur Bowne$80.00
JoAnn Boyle$65.00
Peg Brogan Woods$125.00
Margie Burke $40.00
Colleen Calabrese$150.00
John Carr$50.00
Jim Carroll$200.00
Patricia Citro$75.00
Judy Culbertson$13,975.00
Kevin Culbertson$75.00
Judi Curtis$25.00
Lisa D'Antonio$25.00
Aimee Disney$140.00
Jeanne Disney$500.00
Bill & Linda Dobbins$125.00
Allison Dombroski$50.00
Ian Dombroski$50.00
Wayne Dotta$200.00
Lisa Dougherty$50.00
Monica Doyle$100.00
Joanne Everhart$175.00
Gina Farrell$100.00
Joe Florio$75.00
Joseph Fynes$75.00
Eileen Gallagher$225.00
John Gallagher$100.00
Kim Gilchrist$45.00
Fran Gillen$25.00
John Gillespie$200.00
Amy Giuliani$225.00
Bruce Glinkin$100.00
Charles Gormley$65.00
Mary Gormley$175.00
Sean Gormley$50.00
Michael Haday$25.00
Brittany Hensor$25.00
Dave Hughes$375.00
John Ignatosky$125.00
Meghan Ignatosky$75.00
Patricia Ignatosky$25.00
Steve Ignatosky$25.00
Bob & Margey Imbrogno$75.00
Patti Jenner (Disney)$225.00
Jeanne Johnson$25.00
Francis King$25.00
Joan King$50.00
Megan King$25.00
Monica King$25.00
Anthony Knestaut$100.00
Daniel Kugler$150.00
Dan Landis$110.00
Kim Lane$500.00
Jerry Lewandowski$4,580.00
Joan Lewandowski$1,385.00
Thomas Lewandowski$550.00
William Lordan$100.00
Laura Loughlin$25.00
Lori Loughlin$150.00
Michael Loughlin$25.00
Maryann Loughry$50.00
Melanie Malone$50.00
Craig Martine$50.00
Andrea Masisak$25.00
April Maska$25.00
Laura McCrystal$25.00
Kevin McGraw$375.00
Paul McShane$75.00
Susan Migatz$225.00
David Miller$50.00
Joseph Miller$25.00
Theresa Montagna$75.00
Marion Mortimer$50.00
Nancy Mount$25.00
Kathy Mullin$50.00
Edward Murphy$50.00
John Murphy$50.00
David Nawn$100.00
Colleen O'Sullivan$50.00
Susan Ortega$25.00
Kristin Parell$100.00
Bill Patchak$115.00
Cheryl Patchak$525.00
Greg Patchak$1,140.00
Taylor Patchak$600.00
John Potts$525.00
Sharon Proietto$25.00
Connie Richey$100.00
Tina Scarabino$50.00
Janet Scully$125.00
Michael Seifried$100.00
Dennis Selmont$245.00
Steve Serbu$75.00
Susan Shea$75.00
Jean Sheaffer$25.00
Mike Sheaffer$80.00
Sandra Stake$50.00
Russ Stewart$50.00
Therese Surges$25.00
Samantha Tajirian$50.00
Michelle Tomalavage$45.00
Ellen G. Wambold$100.00
Jen Wilkins$25.00
Ross Williams$45.00
Dawn Yocom$25.00
Brandy Zarate$80.00
Teams Activity
Douglas Selmont$245.00
Drexel PMP Power$80.00
Fran's Solemates$1,250.00
Fun Friends for Fran$45.00
Mike's One in a Million$200.00
Team Bill$3,925.00
Team Brogan Woods$125.00
Team Disney$1,165.00
Team Dutch$16,930.00
Team Greg$525.00
Team Hughes$375.00
Team Jerry$10,460.00
Team Karen Boucher$395.00
The Beedsaw Family$125.00
The G's$200.00
Win For Vin$400.00
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